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Glenroyal Hotel & Leisure Club is located right in the heart of Maynooth, Kildare. Our 4 star hotel is a family friendly hotel with spacious and comfortable rooms that help make you feel right at home. Glenroyal Hotel also serves some of the best food in Maynooth with Arkle Bar & Restaurant as well as Shoda Market Cafe consistently delighting both the casual and seasoned diners alike. Our hotel’s central location in Maynooth also means that we are close to Maynooth’s most popular attractions such as Maynooth Castle.

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Things to Do & See at Maynooth Castle

Maynooth Castle is a ruined 12th century castle in Maynooth which stands at the entrance to the South Campus of Maynooth University. The building itself was constructed in the early 13th century and it became the primary residence of the Kildare Fitzmaurice and Fitzgerald family. From then on it was expanded by Sir John Fitzgerald in the 15th century. Gerald Fitzmaurice’s descendants became the Earls of Kildare and Earls of Leinster.

The Fitzgerald occupation of the castle ended with the 1534 rebellion of Silken Thomas, the son of the ninth Earl of Kildare. An English force led by William Skeffington bombarded the massive castle in March 1535 making a ruin of much of the Medieval structure. The castle fell after a ten-day siege and the garrison summarily executed before the castle gate.

The Castle was restored in 1630-35 by Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork after his daughter married George Fitzgerald who was the 16th Earl of Kildare. Although, much of this building was destroyed in the 1640s during the 11 Years War. Only the gatehouse (on which united arms of the Boyles and FitzGeralds can still be viewed) and the Solar Tower survived. The Fitzgeralds left Maynooth for good and made Kilkea Castleand then Carton House their family seat.

Restoration work on the castle was restarted by the Office of Public Works in February 2000 to develop it into a Heritage site. It is now open to the public from June to October, 10.00 a.m. - 5.45 p.m. Today the partly ruined building remains as a tourist attraction, with limited access possible.



How to Get There

Maynooth Castle is 500 metres from our hotel which means it is a 3 minute drive from Glenroyal Hotel. To drive there from our hotel, head west and then turn right towards Straffan Road, turn left towards Straffan Road and then turn right at the first cross street onto Straffan Road. Turn left onto Main Street (R148) and then continue onto Parson Street before taking a slight right and Maynooth Castle will be on your right.

To walk to Maynooth Castle from our hotel, it will take you approximately 7 minutes using the directions above.

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